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Customer Case Study: Risen Energy & OSW Energy- Festive Gifts and Custom Workwear

Risen Energy, a leader in the energy sector, and OSW, known for their innovative solutions, sought to celebrate the festive season with unique gifts for their clients and custom workwear for their teams.


1、Festive Gift Sets for Risen Energy

1.1 Mini Power Bank: A compact and convenient power solution, perfect for professionals on the move.

1.2 Wine Glass Set with Marble Accessories: A sophisticated and festive addition to any celebration, reflecting the elegance and quality of Risen Energy’s brand.

2、Custom Workwear for Risen Energy and OSW

2.1 Polo Shirts: Tailored from 100% cotton, these polos are the embodiment of comfort and style. Designed to be breathable and fashionable, they represent the professionalism of the Risen Energy and OSW teams.

2.2 Softshell Jackets: Timeless black jackets with a modern curved hem, suitable for the diverse Australian climate. These classic pieces are as functional as they are stylish, suitable for various work environments.


Outcome & Impact:

The festive gift sets were a resounding success, enhancing Risen Energy's client relationships with thoughtful and practical presents. Simultaneously, the custom workwear significantly boosted team morale and brand identity for both Risen and OSW. The workwear's quality and style resonated well with the employees, ensuring comfort throughout the year.

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