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Crafting Corporate Identity: Custom Apparel and Marketing Solutions for Adica insurance

Adica insurance, partnered with Toyota Australia, offers specialized motor vehicle insurance under Toyota, Lexus, and PowerTorque brands. These products are primarily marketed through the Toyota Dealer Network and online platforms. Adica also serves Japanese corporate clients via its JIA division. From our initial collaboration, the Adica team came to us with their purchased clothing, looking for custom logo placement. It was only when they visited our showroom that they discovered our apparel styles and materials were perfectly aligned with the company's needs. We offer convenient and expedient service, especially for smaller orders that come with new employee onboarding, a standard we uphold for all our MyPromoShop customers.

Today, we have provided Adica with customized workwear, marketing materials, appreciation gifts, and printed items.


Throughout this partnership, we have been inspired by the efficiency and energy of Adica’s team collaboration, contributing to our own growth. We are grateful for the trust the Adica team has placed in us.

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