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Elevate your branding with our Table Throws – cost-effective, impactful signage for trade events, displays, or receptions. Custom printed in Australia in high-res full color for standard 4ft/6ft/8ft trestle tables. Transform your table into a professional advertising tool, promoting your business. Australian-made, 24-hour production, high-quality 250gsm SignWeave™ fabric. Loose or fitted options, 4-sided/3-sided throws, washable, easy setup.


  • 交货时间

    交货时间为 3 至 7 个工作日,具体取决于打印选项。

  • 尺寸

    • 4 英尺:1220 毫米宽 x 610 毫米深 x 740 毫米高
    • 6 英尺:1820 毫米宽 x 750 毫米深 x 720 毫米高
    • 8 英尺:2410 毫米宽 x 750 毫米深 x 720 毫米高
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