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Customized Workwear and Brand Image for the Door and Window Industry in Australia!

Perception Windows is a renowned brand in Australia's door and window sector. The company has distinct roles, with each requiring different specifications in terms of workwear design, color, and fabric.

Office Staff: We provided polo shirts and dress shirts aligned with the brand's image. The designs are modern and minimalist, made from breathable and comfortable fabrics. This takes into account that employees often move between different working environments and need to remain comfortable.

Installation Team: The primary color requirement is safety colors. Given their outdoor tasks, the clothing must be sun-protective (SPF 50+), fade-resistant, odor-free, and durable. Given the high wear and tear of workwear in this role, cost-effectiveness is vital.

Production Workshop: Safety colors are paramount, but the fabric must also be comfortable and breathable, with flame-retardant properties.

Safety Helmets: Safety is our top priority. All products are manufactured in Australia. The logo is adorned using a 3D crystal printing technique.

Vehicle Decals: The designs are predominantly minimalist and have been widely appreciated. This style has also been taken as a reference by other clients.


Throughout our collaboration and communication, we were inspired by Cynthia's positivity, optimism, and inclusiveness.

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