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Com1 International: Crafting Brand Identity Through Custom IT Solutions and Merchandise

Com1 International is a privately-owned Australian IT company. Com1 is dedicated to providing integrated solutions, product distribution, and related services to a broad range of resellers. A diverse product portfolio, flexibility, and innovative solutions have driven Com1’s continuous growth over the past 20 years, expanding its install base into most market segments.

When the Com1 team contacted us, their primary concern was the delivery timeline. Taking into account the team's job positions and the client's brand image, we recommended AS COLOUR products for this order. After several rounds of communication regarding design mock-ups, positions, and production techniques, we offered sample prototyping services for this large order. On the day the costs were finalized, the team was eager to wear their new gear.


When your company's brand image is effectively applied to products, it becomes imbued with vitality!

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